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Grateful for Your visit.  We create awesomeness in the world with cross  disciplinary research bringing together Positive psychology and Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Story

 SuccessNeurons is devoted to research and adoption of positive psychology, social psychology and Artificial Intelligence to solve contemporary challenges. Our passion is  to create anti fragile individuals & organisations- that profits from adversity, emerges stronger from situations not just resilient . We imagine a future where  employment  gives meaning in life and purposeful existence.   Centred on theme that measurement enables management, SuccessNeurons has innovative measurement scales for stress, anxiety, culture, wellbeing, engagement at work, happiness, meaning in life, purposeful existence. In addition to measurement scales , SuccessNeurons offers consulting &  training programs.    Core of  SuccessNeurons existence  is research and  publications in   international peer reviewed journals.

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Cross disciplinary work  at intersection of positive psychology & machine learning

Deep Learning & AI

Cool Research

Image classification lab focuses on accurate diagnosis of cancer, driverless cars and defence applications. 
Feed forward perceptron lab focuses on behaviour classification and stock performance.

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Positive Psychology

Why should success result in burnout

+Psy lab research focuses on optimism, persistence, grit, happiness, flow, core strengths, resilience and most recent addition  'workplace spirituality'. 

WE are also working on research on Role Stress, Burnout and Anxiety with ways to measure them. 

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Communication Studies

Persuasion is everything

Focus research in areas of Agenda Setting, Issue Framing, Image cultivation ,Crisis Communication and experimental studies on polarisation.  We do large-scale content analysis of news and elite rhetoric using  Artificial Intelligence & Statistics. 
We bring high empirical rigour combining tools like Bayesean Truth Serum, Markov Chains, Hierarchal multiple regression and Conventional Neural Networks.

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Offerings & Services

Transformation Begins Here

Painted Heart

Post M&A Integration

Predictability Delivered

Optimism audit found to be reliable  indicator of post M&A success outcome.  We are perhaps the only ones to offer this service. Delivered with AI algorithms that predict M&A outcome by measuring optimism and explanatory style of employees.   

People Integration dashboard gives empirical view of people integration healthiness by approaching it from  frameworks of anxiety , role identity , social identity and how they are shifting.  

Business Meeting

Scorecard 2.0 and Organisational Climate Studies

Measurement enables Management


Set Board  Room Agenda with Positive Psychology powered  Scorecard 2.0.  Get empirical insights of Organisation climate with key performance indicators like- Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, Optimism,  Happiness, Flow, Core Strengths, Workforce MFAV classification  (Maverick Fighter Adapter Victim Classification), Workforce Time Orientation. Transformation begins here. Leave a legacy of well-being, happiness and sustained competitive advantage. 


Smart Cities

Behaviour modification at scale

Our innovative Road Rage & Risky Driving Propensity Scale can be used to profile risky drivers likely to depreciate citizen's road usage experience.  Enabled with strong Artificial Intelligence algorithms this simple intervention can go long way in making cities smarter, liable and fun. 

Athetic Women Sprinting

Positive Education

Flower to Your Potential

Focus of education is excellence in curriculum & skills. Positive education focuses on development of character strengths and well-being, which contribute to a variety of positive life outcomes. We offer Assessments services to develop  Optimism, Grit, Self Control & Persistence in students. These make them resilient and give capability to cope with life's events and turbulence. 

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.

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SuccessNeurons is home and heaven for Disruptors, Innovators, Contrarians & Originals. Open door and walk in. You define terms of engagement.  Enjoy the creative freedom and experience flow at work.

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