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Optimism & Explanatory style

Optimism & Explanatory style

Optimism measured through explanatory style is very good indictor of likelihood of success in large variety of human endevors.

Optimist perform better in school, sports, profession, sales or when they run for election. Recent research shows optimism audit to be useful of post merger integration outcome. 

 Optimism perform better in high performance cultures like Sales, they do not give up easily and can bounce back when faced with rejection.


Organisations with high employee optimism outperform their peers in all dimensions- Growth, Market capitalisation, M&A success, lower attrition and more engaged employees.  Research shows optimistic individuals and teams win compared to pessimistic also-ran’s in all spheres of life- Elections, Sports, Academics, Sales, M&A performance, Wall street investments. 

Leverage SuccessNeuron’s Optimism Audit to gain insights into Your workforce’s optimism  and explanatory style- at Organisational level with detailed optimism score by geography, delivery centre,team and individual.  This is transformational HR initiative that will help You contribute with fresh insights for Board , CEO & Leaders

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