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Curiousity 360

Curiousity 360

Curiosity is the driving force behind innovation and exceptional performance.  It is key to a fulfilling life and measuring it is the first step to nurturing this life force.  

By not being able to track and harness curiosity,  one is missing out on the opportunities it brings. Without self-awareness You risk stagnation and missing out on groundbreaking ideas that could propel you forward. Without a clear understanding of how curious you are, you risk leaving untapped potential and living an unfulfilled life. 


Introducing the Curiousity 360, a cutting-edge psychometric assessment designed to measure your curiosity comprehensively. This innovative psychometric tool is based on Kashden's famous research on multiple dimensions of curiousity . It helps you understand your level of curiosity and details insights about Yourself.  By taking the Curiousity 360 assessment, you can increase your confidence and self-awareness

 You get a personalized report; delivered digitally; which gives You nuanced understanding of how curiousity impacts your personal and professional life. It enriches You with ideas on how You can harness Curiousity as a force for growth & development.   Don't miss the opportunity to unlock your full potential with the Curiousity 360. 


    This is a psychometric assessment on curiousity and measures multiple dimensions of Your curiousity. 

    Provides fine grained insight about Yourself.   Customers gain confidence to address 'Tell me about Yourself' questin in interviews and gain an advantage.  




    No returns or refunds if report successfully emailed within 5 working days. 

    If Your personalized report is not emailed within 5 working days, 100% refund.   



    You get the link to the assessment in Your mailbox.   You fill it online from a mobile/laptop/computer.  

    You get Your personalized reports digitally delivered to Your mail box with 5 working days.  

    You get a digital consultation with an expert on any clarifications over zoom/call as well as email responses. 


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